I came in for a 'High old time' when Uncle Brown, he died
And when I heard he'd left me oof with joy, no grief, I cried
And now I'm going to make things hum, they'll know that I'm alive
So 'hang the expense' I'm in for a lark, to enjoy myself I'll strive.

Chorus: Good old Uncle, Jolly old Uncle
He's left me his cash, to cut a dash
And I mean to raise the Town
Plenty of money, a jolly good spree
Rollicking Boys and Girls for me
A 'life of pleasure' I mean to see
Good old Uncle Brown.

I was in 'queer street' no mistake, I hadn't got a 'rap'
Everything went to 'Uncles', then I had to live on 'strap'
But when the lawyers wrote to me the letter made me stare
I rubbed my eyes, I looked and read, then my hat threw in the air.


I mean to go the pace you bet, my money I will spend
I've enough to satisfy myself and a 'quid' or two to lend
So don't be frightened dear old pals, who happen to be 'down'
Say what you want, you'll get it from the heir of Uncle Brown.


And now 'I am fixed' I'll say goodbye to sorrow care and strife
And all I want to complete my bliss is a loving little wife
So ladies is there one among you care to share my lot
You'll have the best of everything now I've the 'rhino' got.


I had the cheer to fall in love, some even called me rash
With a banker's only daughter and of course she'd have some cash
Her Father, when he found us out, in rage exclaimed to me
'How dare you, Sir, my daughter weds not love but L.S.D.

"He threw me out of the house, but the next day when I received my legacy, everything changed. Her Pa has forgiven me, how kind of him! I'm to marry his daughter and I raise my hat to the memory of..."

Performed by Bessie Wentworth (1873-1901)
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