The dock gates are open, a ship's passing through
And the people are waving good-bye
On deck stands a youth who is going today
O'er the ocean his fortune to try
In vain in old England he's tried to get work
Being English has stood in his way
And now to the dear smoky town of his birth
Farewell the folks round hear him say.

Chorus: 'Good-bye London Town! London Town good-bye
Farewell my native shore, and the girl that I adore
All I'm worth today is one humble brown
If I make a fortune I'll came back and spend it
In dear old London town.'

The ship's through the dock and she's out in the stream
On the quay he can faintly discern
His old mother waving a last fond good-bye
To her lad who may never return
As further and further the ship glides away
Though a man the tears stand in his eyes
With one longing look at that dear mother's face
Again in his sorrow he cries,

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