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Had You Seen The Way It Was Won Harvey & Haydon
Ha! Ha! Ha! He! He! He! Sam Mayo
Half A Mo' James Fawn
Half Past Nine Vesta Tilley
Half Past Nine On My Wedding Day
Nellie Wallace
Half Past Twelve G.H. MacDermott
Half Past Two Dare & Welchman
Hame O' Mine Harry Lauder
Handkerchief Marked With 'M', The  
Handyman, The James Fawn
Hang Out The Front Door Key George Lashwood
Hangin' 'Em Out To Dry Harry Champion
Hannah, Please Open That Door Ella Retford
Happiest Day Of My Life, The Arthur Lloyd
Happy 'Cos Dey Foun' Dis Coon Bessie Wentworth
Happy Eliza And Converted Jane Alphonse Bertini
Happy Morman Man, The  
Happy Thought Arthur Lloyd
Hardware Line, The Harry Clifton
Harry And Carrie  
Has Anybody Here Seen Casey? Michael Nolan
Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? Florrie Forde
Has Anybody Seen My Tiddler?  
Has Anybody Seen Our Cat? Burt Shepard
Has Anyone Been Asking For Me? Wilkie Bard
Has Anyone Seen A German Band? Florrie Forde
Have A Drop Of Gin, Joe Harry Champion
Have A Drop O' Gin, Old Dear Tom Woottwell
Have You Noticed It? Herbert Campbell
Have You Paid The Rent? Harry Champion
Have You Seen My Chinee-Man? Ella Retford
Have You Seen My Dicky Bird?  
He Calls Me His Own Grace Darling Vesta Victoria
He Didn't Seem To Know Just What To Say Harry Pleon
He Didn't Thank Me  
He Felt A Draught T.E. Dunville
He Followed The Directions In The Book Nelson Jackson
He Got The Job  
He Had To Get Under, Get Out And Get Under Billy Murry
He Hasn't A Feather To Fly In W. Bint
He Is Ignorant Alec Hurley
He Jay. Hann Albert Chevalier
He Knew It! Albert Chevalier
He Knows A Good Thing When He Sees It Marie Lloyd
He Knows The Werry Number On Yer Door Charles Coborn
He Led Me Up The Garden Edith Faulkner
He Was Very Kind To Me Harry Lauder
He Wore A Worried Look Harry Randall
Hearts And Flowers Anona Winn
Heaven Will Protect An Honest Girl Gracie Fields
Hecho, The Albert Chevalier
He'll Get It Where He's Gone Now George Robey
Hello Peter, How Do?  
Hello! Old What's-A-Name Ernie Mayne
Hello, Ma Baby Emerson & Howard
Hello, Miss London Victoria Monks
Hello, Susie Green G.H. Elliott
Hello. Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend Mark Sheridan
Hennessy's Fancy Ball Walter Munroe
Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie Walter O'Keefe
Her Eyes Don't Shine Like Diamonds George J. Gaskin
Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back Alice Leamar
Her Mother's At The Bottom Of It All Dan Leno
Her Showed Oi The Way Will Gardner
Here Comes Beaver Harry Champion
Here Comes Old Father Christmas Harry Champion
Here Comes Oxo Billy Williams
Here We Are Again Billy Williams
Here We Are, Here We Are, Here We Are Again Mark Sheridan
Here We Come Gathering Flats And Jays  
Hero, The Will Fieldhouse
Herr Schwollenhedt Albert Chevalier
He's A Dear Old Man Nellie Wallace
He's A 'Pro'  
He's Alright When You Know Him Charles Coborn
He's Going In For This Dance Now Vesta Tilley
He's Going There Every Night Marie Loftus
He's Going To Marry Mary Ann Bessie Bellwood
He's Going To Meet His Girl Vesta Tilley
He's Gone To Where They Don't Play Billiards Sam Mayo
He's Gone Where The Coals Are Cheaper  
He's Got No Work To Do Sam Mayo
He's In The Asylum Now Tom Costello
He's Moved In A Bigger House Now Nat Travers
He's Much Better Off Where He Is T.E. Dunville
Hey Diddle Diddle Harry Champion
Hey Down Derry Robert Ganthony
Hey! Ho! Can't You Hear The Steamer Daisy Dormer
Hey! Ho! What Might Have Been George Robey
Hey!! Are You Coming Back Again? Wilkie Bard
Hi Boys (Uncle Joe's Spree) Vesta Tilley
Hi Diddle Diddle! Charles Chaplin
Hi Tiddley Hi Ti Charles Godfrey
Hif Not, Why Not? Albert Chevalier
Highly Colored Tie, The Arthur Albert
His Funeral's Tomorrow Tom Costello
His Funny Little Bob-Tailed Coat Harry Champion
His Lordship Vesta Victoria
His Lordship Winked At The Counsel Harry Rickards
His Own Mother Wouldn't Know Him J.W. Rowley
His Whiskers Ben Albert
Hobnailed Boots That Farver Wore, The Billy Williams
Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy Florrie Forde
Holy City, The Edward Lloyd
Home Sweet Home Jenny Lind
Home-Made Sausages Harry Champion
Honeysuckle And The Bee, The Ellaline Terriss
Honeysuckle And The Bee, The (Parody) Ben Albert
Hooligan's Mule Lester Barrett
Hop Light Loo E.W. Mackney
Hope For The Best Ernest Shand
Hopping And Popping About Pat Rafferty
Horse The Missis Dries The Clothes On Frank Coyne
Horticultural Wife, The  
Hot Codlings Sam Cowell
Hot Meat Pies, Saveloys And Trotters Harry Champion
House That Jerry Built, The James Fawn
How Can A Little Girl Be Good? Maidie Scott
How Dare They! Tom Woottwell
How Do You Do? Pat Rafferty
How I Mesmerise 'Em Charles Gardener
How Soon We All Forget Those Little Things Albert Chevalier
How To Be Happy, Though Married  
How To Sing 'Extempore' George Neno
How? Albert Chevalier
How'd You Like To Spoon With Me? Florrie Forde
How'd You Like To Spoon With Me? (Parody)  
How-De-Do-De? George Beauchamp
How's That For A Snapshot? T.E. Dunville
How's Your Father? Harry Tate
Hullo London Town Albert Whelan
Hullo, I've Been Looking For You Marie Loftus
Hulloa, Hulloa, Hulloa Marie Lloyd
Human Nature Leslie Harris
Hundreds Of Inches From Home Tom Leamore
Huntsman, The Dan Leno
Hurrah For Baffin's Bay Dan W. Quinn
Hurrah For The Sea Wilkie Bard
Hurricane History Leslie Henson
Hurry Up, There! Daisy Wood
Husband's Boat, The Alfred Vance
Hush A Bye Arthur Lloyd
Hymn Number...! Rex Harold
Hypochondriac, The T.E. Dunville
Hystory Of England, The Vesta Tilley
The Half-Back's Farewell, The Robert Ganthony
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