I'm longing for next Monday 'cos I'm going to tie the knot
With little Georgie Puddingy-Pie, a nice young man I've got
And when the parson says the word that makes two into one
I want you all to just come round and join us in the fun.

Chorus: For next Monday morning is my wedding day
When the Supper's over if the company wants to stay
Me and my Georgie we shall resign
We're going to blow the candles out at half past nine.

Now when we get back from the church, and the friends have all been in
And wished us joy and happiness in little drops of gin - hic - Oh dear
We want to both be on our own, I think it's only fair
You may be sure that we don't want a lot of people there.


Now after we've had supper, I shall soon shut up the show
I will cut them all a slice of cake, and tell them all to go
And when I take the Vee of orange blossoms off my head
I shall tell them all it's time that we, were fast asleep in bed.
PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Charles Collins
Performed by Nellie Wallace (1870-1948)
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