Tim Casey had a snip for me - a racing snip I mean
A moral, real, dead certainty ran in the two-fifteen
'Put on a bob,' says he to me, says I to him says I
'Perhaps you'll put it on for me?'
Says he, 'I will, me b'y.'
The horse it won at ten to one, but my pride had a fall
He never put my shilling on at all, at all, at all

Chorus: Has anybody here seen Casey?
He's done me for a bob -I give you warning,
I've been searching down the street
And when me and Casey meet
There'll be another angel in the morning.

As soon as iver I heard it won, I rushed off to me wife
Says I, 'I've backed a winner for the first time in my life
Ten bob' says I 'Ten bob,' says she. Says I, 'I'll take yez out
I'll take ye to the the-ay-ter, and buy ye welks and stout.'
She nearly had a fit when Casey's villainy she heard
'But never mind,' says she to me 'I'll hold ye to your word.'


I felt so aggravated that I kept off of my job
A-looking for that Casey, jest to ask for my ten bob
He spent my shilling, do ye moind, in whiskey at The Crown
I told the scamp to put it on - bedad! he put it down
I've lost a week's good work, I have, most like shall get the sack
But if I lose a month, bedad! I'll have that shilling back.

Written and composed by J.P.Harington & George Le Brunn - 1902
Performed by Michael Nolan (1867-1910)
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