I've been a fishing with some boys today
Fished in the little pond that's down our way
I stood like so, and soon you know
I caught a little tiddler with a nice soft row
Oh how it wriggled in the jam-jar
There were tears in it's eyes of blue
Now I'm unhappy 'cos I've lost it
So excuse me for asking you.

Chorus: Has anybody seen my tiddler?
Tiddle, iddle, iddle, iddle, iddler
I caught that little fish with some cotton and a pin
Oh how I laughed when I dragged him in
But coming home, Oh dear oh
That rude boy Dicky Diddler
He poked his fingers in my galipot
And pinched my tiddler.

Young Dicky Diddler who was by my side
Stirred up the water and the fish all guyed
And you can bet, I was upset
When Dicky pushed me in the pond, my socks got wet
I said 'I'm going to tell your Father
And we'll soon be on equal terms'
He called me names to get his own back
And he collared all my worms.


Soon as the tiddler came and took my hook
Young Dicky Diddler gave an envious look
I laughed Ha, Ha, but he went 'Yah'
And tried to kick the bottom out of my jam-jar
He said he'd follow me to my street
And he stuck to me just like glue
All of a sudden tho' I missed him
And I missed my tiddler too.

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Frank W. Carter - 1910
Performed by Millie Payne (1890-1917)
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