Sue Ann loved a Chinee-man
And he came from gay Hong Kong
Ching Lang Loo wore a coat of blue
And a pig-tail four feet long
But that Chinee-man one day
With another girl he ran away
Left poor Susie all forlorn
Now she's always asking night and morn,

Chorus: 'Have you seen my Chinee-man?
Ching Lang Loo, Ching Lang Loo
Wears a peacock feather
And a pig-tail too
Wait till I get hold of him
When I do, when I do
I'm going to crack the china 'mug'
Of Ching Lang Loo.'

Ching Lang Loo fascinated Sue
With his great big almond eyes
And he swore he had wealth galore
But that Chinee-man told lies
For one day her yellow beau
Borrowed all the cash she'd saved, you know
Then he bolted from Hong Kong.


Girls take care you must all beware
Should you meet that Chinee-man
Ching Lang Loo may be mashed on you
Like he was on Susie Ann
And those Chinese fal-de-rals
Seem to tickle all the nicest gals
Keep away from pig-tails too
Or you may be asking just like Sue,

Performed by Ella Retford (1886-1962)
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