I feel just as happy as a girl can be
Upon my word it's true
I'm so very happy that I don't know which
Or what I'm going to do
I'm in love and just engaged to a man who ploughs the sea
He fishes for a living but he fished on land last week
And he caught me

Chorus: And he calls me his own Grace Darling
He says that I'm his pet
I've filled each plaice within his sole
That ain't no cod, you bet
When I asked me if I loved him
I said, 'What 'o not 'alf
Why I likes you just for your whiskers
'Cos they tickle me and makes me laugh'

He's not got a 'chivvy' that you'd like at first
It grows on you, you see
Like olives, it's acquired; well I'm glad
It didn't grow on me
He says I'm an angel, yes
An angel without wings
He's not very pretty, but, upon my word
He does say some nice things


When in the evening on the beach we spoon
I feel so very shy
He'll look me straight in the eyeball
Then give a great big sigh
We're going to be married in a week or so
He won't forget won't Jim
When the parson says, 'Will you marry this man?'
I'll say, 'Can a duck swim?'

Written and composed by Lawrence Barclay - 1898
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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