I must be as soft as butter
For my heart gets in a flutter
When 'er pretty name I utter
Elizabeth Jane Hann
For I allus seems to blunder
An' she looks as black as thunder
Is it hon or hoff, I wonder
Wiv my He Jay. Hann?

Chorus: I've turned up the moke and barrer
An' I've started a 'orse an' van
Are you goin' to refuse?
You can do as you choose
Is it hon, Elizabeth Hann?
Don't fink as I means ter worry
If I am in a bit of a 'urry
Yer might let me know 'cos it upsets me so
Is it hoff, Elizabeth Hann?

Why should blokes be made to suffer?
It's all right to say as they're tougher
Do yer fink as I'm a duffer
Elizabeth Jane Hann
I'm a chump ter let yer know it
Them as loves should never show it
Still I take my 'eart an' throw it
At my He Jay. Hann.


Straight! each day I'm growing sadder
I'm a wastin' to a shadder
Only you can make me gladder
Elizabeth Jane Hann
When them pretty eyes start winkin'
I comes over faint an' sinkin'
Blowed if I can sleep for thinkin'
Of my He. Jay. Hann.

Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
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