Jeremiah Jones a lady's man was he
Every pretty girl he loved to spoon
Till he found a wife and down by the sea
Went to Margate for the honeymoon
But when he strolled along the promenade
With his little wife just newly wed
He got an awful scare
When someone strolling there
Came up to him and winked and said,

Chorus: Hello, hello, who's your Lady friend?
Who's the little girlie by your side
I've seen you with a girl or two
Oh. Oh. Oh, I am surprised at you
Hello, Hello, stop your little games
Don't you think your ways you ought to mend?
It isn't the girl I saw you with at Brighton
Who, Who, who's your lady friend.

Jeremiah Jones took his wife's mamma one night
Round to see a moving picture show
There up on the screen a picture came in sight
Jeremiah cried, “He'd better go”
For on that picture there was Jeremiah
With a pretty girl up on his knee
Ma cried, “What does it mean?”
Then pointing to the screen
The people yelled at Jones with glee,


Jeremiah now has settled down in life
Said goodbye to frills and furbelows
Never thinks of girls except his darling wife
Always takes her everywhere he goes
By Jove, why there he is you naughty boy
With a lady too, you're rather free
Of course you'll stake your life
The lady is your wife
But tell me on the strict Q.T.


Christmas pantomime was Jones's chief delight
Once he madly loved the Fairy Queen
There behind the scenes he spooned with her one night
Some one for a lark pulled up the scenes
And there was poor old Jones up on the stage
With his arms around the lady fair
The house began to roar
From Gallery down to floor
Then everybody shouted there,

Written and composed by Worton David/Harry Fragson & Bert Lee - 1913
Performed by Mark Sheridan (1867-1918)
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