'I'd like to see you every day' said Jones to Susie Brown
'Not every day' said Susie, 'that's too often to be seen.
But as we are engaged, and as I soon will be your own
Give me a ring at lunchtime every day upon the 'phone
Jones rang up Sue, his future bride
Upon the 'phone next day and cried,

Chorus: 'Hello, hello, hello Susie Green
Come along, come along, quickly do
I am waiting here for you
Hello, hello, wherever have you been?
I've got a ring that you can't ring off
Hello Susie Green (hold the line please).

Jones held the 'phone for half an hour, and talked till he was blue
He didn't stop to hear a word from little sweetheart Sue
He said 'Darling Susie, say that soon you will be mine'
A man's gruff voice replied, 'You silly coon get off the line
The number's wrong' He loudly swore
Jones rang again and cried once more,


Now Jones was much more careful and declined to play the fool
His manner on the 'phone, Sue thought, was getting rather cool
At last the happy day was fixed, his face beamed with delight
He didn't phone her every day, he kissed her every night
'If you forget the wedding day,' said Jones, I'll ring you up and say,

Written and composed by Lester Barrett & Herman Darewski - 1911
Performed by G.H. Elliott (1884-1962)
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