When Michael Hennessy said he'd give a Fancy Ball
All the blessed neighbourhood was on tip-toe
Blind men and crippled men who could not dance at all
Swore that if it paralysed them, they would go
Oh what a making up, shaking up, and taking up
Happy homes were breaking up, dresses to supply
Bed curtains all in rags, girls in their father's bags
Boys dressed in tattered flags, stolen on the sly
Dress? - such a funny lot of divils sure were never seen
Wigs? - sure they'd turn the heart of Clarkson fairly blue and green
Paint? - by the ton to mix - Jewels? - diamonds big as bricks
Fun? - well, they laughed so much they fairly shook the wall
'Twas ructions sure for one and all,
That night at Hennessy's Fancy Ball

Chorus: Bring all your Covent gardens and your Buckingham Palaces too
Hennessy's Ball would bang them all - upon my soul, it's true
Search the dictionary and you'll find no word at all
Which would give you the slightest idea
About Hennessy's Fancy Ball.

Doolin and Clancy, as Napoleon and Wellington
Came dressed in a blanket which they shared - half each
Doyle, as KIng Richard, a saucepan on his head
And the soot that trickled down made people screech
Black men and Yankee ones, podgy kings and lanky ones
Moody and Sankey ones, demons, imps and fays
Capered and danced around, some tumbled on the ground
Till they all heard the sound, 'Supper's ready, plaze.'
Rush? - well, you never saw the like in all your craping up
Boys? - yes, and colleens with an appetite were kaping up
Eat? - well, they ate an ox - Drinks? - they'd have drunk the docks
Grub? - well, they gave it socks, we left none there at all
'Twas 'Clear the Board' said great and small
That night at Hennessy's Fancy Ball


After supper, boys, Micky the piper played
Rather out of tune, so Doolin said 'Mind now
You're drunk' but Mick denied, and he for Doolin made
And in a minute there commenced a row
One dirty mother's son punched the nose of Wellington
Jumped upon Napoleon lying in the dark
Each singled out a foe, and then we let it go
Just for an hour or so - och! it was a lark
Fight? - sure their noses were as ruby as geraniums
Bumps? - sure the whole of us had ornamental craniums
Home? - no, 'twas quickly done - Dance? - yes, we had more fun
Dead? - not a single person was propped against the wall
We danced till morn, both great and small
That night at Hennessy's Fancy Ball.

Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1906
Performed by 'Viscount' Walter Munroe (d. 1914)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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