Hush, my children. It's Christmas Eve, so finish up all your play.
Think of going to bye-bye now. Tomorrow is Christmas Day.
Get your nighties and climb the stair.
Kiss your mummy and say your prayer.
An angel creeps in unaware
To banish your cares away.
When you wake up with the morning light, it will fill your heart with glee.
Plenty of toys for the girls and the boys on a ragtime Christmas tree.

Chorus: Here comes old Father Christmas.
Pop into your cosy bed.
All aboard for dreamland!
Cover your curly head.
Daddy'll blow the light out,
So 'ang up your tiny socks,
And when you're asleep,
Down the chimney 'e'll creep,
And you'll all have a Christmas box.

Don't dare open your eyes at all. The minute that you're in bed,
All you'll see in the dreadful gloom, a golliwog ghost instead.
Father Christmas, you may be sure,
Loves the kiddies both rich and poor.
He brings you bonbons in galore,
All yellow and pink and red.
Plenty of holly and mistletoe too when he empties out his sack,
A horse and a doll for Willie and Paul and a rattle for baby Jack.

Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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