Now, Two little bow-legged boys
And one little knock-kneed kid
Knocked their heads, I mean their legs
Together oh yes they did.
Said the one with the legs like X
'You two have legs like O's
But stand by me and I'll get all three
Good food and the finest clothes.'
So out they went all three
And the people yelled with glee:

Chorus: 'Here comes OXO, O-X-O, Oxo.'
While the kids walked down the street
They advertised extract of meat.
With gaily coloured socks, Oh, they chase the fairer sex
While the bow-legged boys walked one each side,
Of the kiddie with legs like X

These three little Oxo boys
The Oxo firm soon found
Went in all three to the Company
And demanded a thousand pounds.
Said the boss with a smiling face:
'You're a good advert I know,'
And they gave each kid a hundred quid
And told them they could go.
And as they marched away
You could hear the people say:


These three little Oxo boys
With the cash they got that day
On pleasure to the country went
But they met three bulls, they say.
These three little Oxo boys
Were tossed up by each bull
With pants all burst
They came head first
Through a skylight on the school.
As through the air they fell,
The scholars gave a yell:


Written by Weston and Barnes & composed by Maurice Scott - 1910
Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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