The poets since the war began have written lots of things
About our gallant soldier lads which no one ever sings
Although the words are very good, the lilt they seem to miss
But Tommy likes a tricky song, a song that goes like this.

Chorus: Here we are, here we are, here we are again
There's Pat and Mac, and Tommy and Jack and Joe
When there's trouble brewing, when there's something doing
Are we down hearted? NO, let them all come
Here we are, here we are, here we are again
Fit and well and feeling as right as rain
Never mind the weather, now then, all together
Hello, Hello, here we are again.

When Tommy went across the sea to bear the battle's brunt
Of course he sang this little song while marching to the front
And when he's walking through Berlin, he'll sing the anthem still
He'll shove a 'woodbine' on and say, 'How are you Uncle Bill?'


And when the boys have finished up with Herman and with Max
And when the enemy's got it where the chicken got the axe
The girls will all be waiting midst the cheering and the din
To hear their sweethearts singing, 'As the ship come sailing in.'

Written and composed by Charles Knight & Kenneth Lyle
Performed by Mark Sheridan (1867-1918)
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