Bill Sloggins is a party you don't meet with every day
He's always bluff and hearty, free and easy in his way
You wouldn't call him handsome but that isn't a disgrace
He looks as though a regiment has marched across his face.

Chorus: He's all right when you know him, though he's hasty when he's vexed
He'll black your eye one minute, and he'll stand a pint the next
He wouldn't hurt a baby, he's a pal as you can trust
He's all right when you know him, but you've got to know him fust.

He don't get up too early cos he's partial to his bed
He don't believe in work so much, he says it 'urts is 'ed
But at the Cat and Compass he'd spend his only brown
And at moppin' up the booze there ain't his ekal in the town.


He's seed a deal of life, has Bill, although he's in his prime
He's had his bit of trouble, and he's done a bit of time
He'd never round upon a pal, unless it filled his kick
And I've known him land a bobby on the boko with a brick.


One day I was parstin' by the 'ouse where Billy lives
I hears a kind of bother so a peep inside I gives
And there was Bill aswearin' and two coppers on the job
A runnin' on 'im in 'cos he had split his old gal's nob.

"Apparently Bill had brought home a pound of prime steak for his dog
and the missis had given the steak to the kids"

Written and performed by Charles Coborn (1852-1945)
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