Oh, shout hooray for Mary Ann
I'm going to get wed
Tomorrow afternoon at one
To my young fellow Fred
He'd saved up in the Savings Bank
Six pounds or thereabouts
This very day to buy the home
He drew the money out.

Chorus: He'd bought a bed, and a table too
A big tin dish for making stew
A large flat iron, to iron his shirt
And a flannel, and a scrubbing brush to wash away the dirt
And he's bought a pail and basins three
A coffee pot, a kettle, and a tea-pot for the tea
And a soup bowl and a ladle
And a grid-iron and a cradle
And he's going to marry Mary Ann, that's me
He's going to marry Mary Ann.

My friends remark, 'Oh what a lark
To see the money fly.'
They say we're two young sillies and
We don't know what to buy
But you just leave my Fred alone
He's such a knowing sort
He lays the money out A.1.
And this is what he's bought.


He went right off to Maple's where
The furniture is grand
He said he meant to have things new
Not common second hand
We've got one chair, one table, and
One chest of drawers, two mugs
Two plates, two cups, two saucers, and
A pair of water jugs.

Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1885
Performed by Bessie Bellwood (1857-1896)
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