Just see that steamer over there
Her smoke goes puffing in the air
Come along, come along, hear the crowd,
Shouting loud, noisy as a thunder cloud
Just see young fellows and their gals
Just watch old cronies and their pals
Hey! Ho! get ready to go
What's that hustling, bustling there?
Don't you know, don't you know, don't you know?

Chorus: Hey! Ho! can't you hear the Steamer?
Hey! Ho! That whistle's blowing
Say ain't you going (to where you came from?)
Don't stay, hurry up along the gangway
They're shouting, 'All aboard, for the Princess Maud'
(Where's you're gal? Where's you're gal? Ain't you got one?)
Hey! Ho! can't you hear the Steamer?
Hey! Ho! She'll soon be sailing upon the foam
Hurry up, hurry up, get upon the deck
Find the nearest gal and put your arms around her neck
The last boat's leaving for home.

On deck, there's going to be a dance
Those fiddlers only want the chance
Get aboard, get aboard, don't be late
Hear old Sam on the banjo syncopate
Oh, what a jolly holiday
The boat will soon be under weigh
Hey! Ho! That whistle has gone
Look, they're hurrying, scurrying, there
Scramble on, scramble on, scramble on.

Written and composed by Harry Gifford & Fred Godfrey - 1913
Performed by Daisy Dormer (1883-1947)
Performed by Ella Retford (1886-1962)
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