It was down in Carolina I pass'd my time away,
Courting of the pretty girls and with them laugh and play.
I used to meet my charmer when I'd nothing else to do
And I'm sure I ne'er will harm her. My lovely darling Lou.

Chorus: Then hop light loo and shew your pretty feet,
You are a charming creature I always like to meet.
Then Hop light loo and do the best you can,
And when you want a partner, I'm the very man.

Oh, I'm a handsome fellow as ever you did see,
Teeth as white as ivory and skin like ebony.
My hair is crisp and curly, my heart is firm and true,
But I think I'll throw myself away and marry lovely Loo.


I took her to a ball one night, the others all did stare,
To see my darling, pretty gal, the fairest of the fair.
She trip'd on the fantastic as light as fairies do.
Star of the night in colours bright was my lovely Loo.


Now your shoes they shall be satin, your stockings shall be silk.
Your dress it shall be muslin as white as any milk.
We'll ride off to the parson's, donkies, we'll have two.
One shall be for me to ride and the other lovely Loo.


I'll marry her tomorrow and take her right away.
She never shall see sorrow but bless the happy day.
I'll buy my love a bonnet and a hoop-de-dooden-doo,
And I'll write a marriage sonnet on my lovely darling Loo.

Written and composed by George Ware - 1860
Performed by E.W. Mackney (1825-1909
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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