I'm the Reverend Septimus Meek
I'm the curate of Mudford-on Creek
And I'm rescuing shoals of misguided young souls
At one pound one and onepence a week
I've a wonderful way with the ladies
And a smile for each single young miss
I've a favourite motto I always trot out
And my favourite motto is this,

Chorus: Hope for the best, hope for the best
It's a very good motto you'll own
Our vicar's away, on a short holiday
And he's left his young wife all alone
She yearning for comfort and sweet consolation
So me in her service she's pressed
He's due back next week - I don't know if he'll come
But we both of us hope for the best.

A dear little girl in my flock
Six months ago gave me a shock
By going on the stage and becoming the rage
By appearing without any frock
As a statue of Venus she poses
At a hundred a week, so they say
And young Bertie Greens, I don't know what he means
Says, 'She is a bit of O.K!'

Chorus: Hope for the best, hope for the best
I'll pop up to London one day
They say that our dear twice a night will appear
As Miss Venus a la neglige
I've often seen pictures of that chilly person
But really I feel quite distressed
They say all she wears is a new coat - of paint
But, dear sisters, we'll hope for the best.

The lady Jujube de Burch
Who is rich, and belongs to our church
In aid of a home for lost dogs on the roam
Gave a very swell function last year
All the nobs in the county were present
Including the Duchess of Snipe
The ladies appeared in Parisian gowns
Of the new early closing day type.

Chorus: Hope for the best, hope for the best
We polka'd and waltzed to and fro
The youngest Miss Burch, who's distinctly High Church
Wore a dress most decidely low
Her shoulder strap broke, and she whispered to me
'I'm afraid I'm becoming undressed
As I haven't a pin, I don't know what to do.'
I said, 'Oh, let us hope for the best.'
Performed by Ernest Shand (1868-1924)
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