The Lady:'I don't know why I am so very very shy
I always was demure
I never knew what silly lovers do
No flirting I'd endure
In all my life I've never kissed a man
I've never winked my eye
But now at last I'm going to break the ice
So how'd you like to try?'

Refrain: 'How'd you like to spoon with me?
How'd you like to spoon with me?
Sit beneath an oak tree large and shady
Calling me your tootsy wootsy baby
How'd you like to hug and squeeze?
Dangle me upon your knees
How'd you like to be my lovey-dovey?
How'd you like to spoon with me?'

The man:'Well, I should say I'd spoon with you all day
You fascinate me so
You are so cute, you really are a beaut.
Through life with you I'd go
If we were wed our married life would be
One steady honey-moon
From six A.M. till twelve 'o clock at night
Why all we'd do is spoon'

Written and composed by Jerome Kern / Edward Laska - 1905
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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