One fine night when the stars were bright
An aeroplane like a flash of light
Went sailing by at a dizzy height
Across the silent sky
The driver eyed with a smile of pride
The attractive bride who was by his side
On their honeymoon now the knot was tied
The two were going to fly
And through the air the happy pair
Went flying fast until at last
They observed below a resplendent glow
And the girl called out to her lover, 'Whoa
Hullo, Hullo, Hullo.'

Chorus: 'Hullo, Hullo, there's London Town
Peeping through the same old fog of murky brown
Let's get out and have some tea
At the dear old ABC
Hand in hand along the Strand
We'll wander yonder
Hullo, Hullo, here's London Town
Look there's Piccadilly Circus, let me down
And over there is Leicester Square
And the Empire with it's crown
This must be London Town.'

Down they went in their swift descent
And they knocked a chip off the Monument
And Nelson's column too they bent
Before they got to the ground
But safe on land very soon they'd stand
And they cried, 'How grand.' As they saw the Strand
And the Lady squeezed her husband's hand
And cried, 'Now show me round.'
We'll spent an hour inside the Tower
And Beerbohm Tree.I want to see
Winston Churchill too you must let me view
'Every one of London's sights we'll do.'
Hullo, Hullo, Hullo,

Performed by Albert Whelan (1875-1962) Recorded 1910
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