Oh, my wife is away to market,
For two hours she has been gone,
To get some goodies for the supper
Leaving bake and pa alone.
What a shame to keep us waiting,
I'll scold ma, that's what I'll do;
As papa's anxious for his supper,
So is little baby too.

Chorus: Hush a bye, my dear wee baby,
Go to sleep, my doodle-doo;
I wish your mamma would come back,
For I'm getting werry tired of nursing you.

Good gracious me how long she is,
I could have done't in half the time;
I hope that she will get the liver,
And a piece of bacon prime.
While mamma is out to market,
Papa will with baby play,
Oh take your thumb out of your mouth
Or you will suck it all away.


Oh yes you are your papa's pet,
And to his pet he'll laugh and sing.
I feel so awkward, 'pon my word,
I ain't used to this sort of thing.
'Cos ze know I never told ze,
This is only just my first.
But no doubt when I have a dozen
I'll know better how they're nursed.


Now if she don't be quick and come back,
Pa and baby will not sup;
And judging by the time she takes,
She must be buying the market up.
Naughty mam to keep us waiting
While she goes from shop to shop;
To keep the cold from pa and baby
Pa must have a little drop.


Spoken - gets bottle, drinks - 'There dear, does she feel better? Pa does, zes pa does, oh, I forgot! never gave her any, ah, well it's not good for babies, at least, not this kind of bottle; zoo must be brought up on a different kind of bottle, ess zoo must, no don't squint pet, pretty dear, ess zoo is; at least ma thinks so, I always think new born babies are like boiled lobsters, (baby cries) no dear, did I insult you, no, no, zen, now. She's very sensitive, always cries if I say anything against her personal appearance. I wish to goodness your ma would come, dear, ess I do, ess I do, now hush! what's that?'

Chorus: I can hear your mamma's foostep
Yes indeed she's knocking too;
I'm very glad she has returned,
For I'm getting werry tired of nursing you.

Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1800
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840 - 1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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