I ain't the kind of bloke wot likes to advertise
Like they advertise in papers ev'ry day
Still I ain't perticular backward - rather otherwise
Wot I mean is advertising wouldn't pay
My business ain't wot ev'ry one would own to
But it's known to ev'ry one I wants it known to
And when nosy people ask me who I am
Why, I tell 'em all about myself, jest like I'm telling you.

Chorus: I ain't nobody In perticular
Lor bless yer, nobody at all
I don't want my name in everybody's mouf
Nor yet posted up on every wall
I don't want to attract a lot of attention
It wouldn't be any benefit to my healf
If yer want to know what my business is
My perticular business is ter keep all my business to myself.

There's lots o' ways o' making money nowadays
Wot a certain class would think was 'ardly straight
But there's lots o' blokes as makes a lot in crooked ways
And at church on Sunday passes round the plate
They're wrong 'uns, though the p'lice ain't never bowled 'em
And they look as if this world's too good to 'old 'em
It's the same wi' me, I try to look as 'armless as a lamb
But I dare say you're expecting me to tell yer who I am.


You've got to be so careful as ter wot yer say
But o' course I know I'm safe wi' you
If yer'll promise not ter go and give the game away
Why I'll tell you who I am, and wot I do
I 'ate the p'lice ter know too much about me
And they seem ter get on very well wivout me
If they rumbled wot my game is they'd be on me like a bird
I'm a - 'old on! there's a rozzer over there! so mum's the word.

Written and composed by Scott Mackenzie & Fred W. Leigh - 1907
Performed by Alec Hurley (1871-1913)
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