'Twas eighteen and twenty a girl jilted me
I abandoned all thoughts then of matrimony
I thought girls were made of deception and paint
So simply ignored them, and lived like a saint
The older I grew, the less grew my respect
At forty, upon them I closed all my doors
But now I invite them to dinner because.

Chorus: Oh I am getting naughty, I am
I'm as wicked as wicked can be
I used to be good, and did as I should
But now I go out on a spree
I go in for billiards and pool
And call all the young ladies 'jam'
I'm ten times as naughty, as when I was forty
I'm getting so naughty I am.

I once was a martyr to timorous ways
At naughty burlesque was too modest to gaze
And a ballet girl, clad in a short dress and tights
To me was indeed the most shocking of sights
But I altered my ideas, as time altered me
And I revel in tights, now I'm seventy three
I go every night and I sit in my stall
And through opera glasses, I ogle them all.


If I don't kick the bucket, I'll shortly get wed
To a nice little wife with a wise little head
I went to a wedding a few days ago
And it made me feel Oh! - awfully happy you know
The lover he trembled, the maiden she cried
The parson he smiled, and I chuckled inside
And I started to sing, when he put on the ring
And they said 'What's the matter, you giddy old thing?'

Written & composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1886
Performed by George Byford (1852-1932)
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