Bless me, how the years roll away
It seems but a day or two past
Since I revelled in youth's happy day
And fancied it always would last
But old Time has been very busy with me
And with wrinkles has furrowed my brow
Tho' round me life's battle and strife I can see
I am rather too old for it now.

Chorus: With a sigh my bright youth I recall
But to natures decree I must bow
I was once as nimble and gay as them all
But I'm rather too old for it now.

As a youngster I mostly was first
At cricket and games such as that
But now I should soon get the worst
If I e'er tried to handle a bat
My nerves were as strong as could be
I would always delight in a row
At dear Oxford we'd many a boisterous spree
But I'm rather too old for it now.


I was known as the gayest young spark
At courtship I never was beat
I have flirted with fair girls and dark
And Oh, the rash vows I'd repeat
The money I've squandered in dress
When I shone as a dapper young beau
Now I'm not so free with the cash I confess
For I'm rather too old for it now.


Of five noble sons I can boast
And such girls as the world never saw
I am grand-dad to quite a small host
I count them almost by the score
Their secrets to me they confide
And each childish treasure will show
And my heart warms with pride as they play at my side
For I'm not quite too old for that now.

Written and performed by Charles Coborn (1852-1945)
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