A fellow once gave me a fat cigar;
Said: ''Ee, there y'are, be a lah-di-dah.'
When I put it on the effluviah
Made our old dustman choke.
My old gal's mother when a whiff she got,
Said: 'Cut that out or off I'll trot.'
Kept on puffing like a chiminey pot
Till yer couldn't see me for smoke.

Chorus: I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.
Our cat did a double shuffle on one leg
And the old cockaneery laid an 'ard-boiled egg.
Firemen came for the missus in the night,
Turn'd the 'ose on 'er an' I said: 'That's right.
That'll save 'er 'avin' a bath tonight.'
And I enjoyed it.

Went for a sail in the old Skylark.
Just for a lark like some young spark,
Took the missus with me deep in the dark√Ď
'Twas a nice little how-do-ye-do.
Before we went upon that trip
She wolfed up 'er dinner, wouldn't take my tip.
Presently the boat began to skip
An' it dumped 'er a oncer too.

Chorus: I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.
The wife said 'The dinner that I 'ad was wrong
An' I don't think it's gonna be mine for long.'
Two and six for a dinner in the town
She went to the side and then looked down
She lost two and thrupence of 'er 'alf-a-crown
And I enjoyed it.

Performed by Harry Champion 1865-1942)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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