Now once I had a notion I was cut out for the stage
And thought that as a singer I would start
I sold my clothes and pawned my watch to buy some comic songs
And practiced till I knew them all by heart
I made my first appearance at a little Music Hall
The curtain rose the chairman struck the gong
The bandsmen played the symphony, I walked upon the stage
But when I went to start that blessed song.

Chorus: I forgot it, quite forgot it
The chairman said in language strong, 'Hang it all begin the song.'
I forgot it, quite forgot it
And then they let the curtain down and kicked me off.

One day I paid a visit to some dear old friends of mine
Who lived out in the suburbs, so to speak
Out in their little yard they kept a cock and two old hens
And from them had at least one egg a week
They gave me one, a beauty, as a present for my wife
Said I, ''Twill surely give her great delight'.
So in my coat tail pocket, I, it safely stowed away
But when I reached my home that very night.

Chorus: I forgot it, quite forgot it
I sat myself down in a chair, jumped up and began to swear
I forgot it, quite forgot it
And now my wife declares I tried to hatch that egg.

I took my wife and baby up to Scotland last July
And as we meant to stay a week or two
My wife took lots of boxes, her parrot, cat and dog
To look after them I had my work to do
When we got to Edinboro' Town I piled them in a cab
And straight to our hotel we drove away
When suddenly my wife exclaimed 'Good gracious, where's the child?'
I scratched my head and gasped in blank dismay.

Chorus: I forgot it, quite forgot it
The parrot, cat and dog are here, but our baby boy, oh dear
I forgot it, quite forgot it
He's in the train and halfway back to London Town.

I don't suppose I shall forget the day that I got wed
We had a little 'flare up' at her Pa's
I'd done a little scena in the 'sherbert shifting' line
Was jubilant and laughed with loud ha! has!
But when the bride so newly made said, 'good night' to her friends
And to our rooms had hurried quick away
My memory must have left me, to my lodgings home I went
And calmly slept and snored until next day.

Chorus: I forgot it, quite forgot it
I to my lodgings ran, forgot I was a married man
I forgot it, quite forgot it
I had to beg her pardon just to put things right.
Written and composed by E.A. Martin & Harry Randall - 1888
Performed by Harry Randall (1857-1932)
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