Dreams are the strangest things in life,
So fanciful, yet real;
Sometimes depicting scenes of strife;
In others they reveal,
Such happiness that were it not,
Some sign the spell was breaking,
That we were sleeping we'd forget,
And fancy we were waking.
Some strange dreams I have had of late,
My brain with thought's been teeming,
And if you'll listen I will state,
What I've seen when I've been dreaming.

I dreamt I saw a race-course,
And a crowd assembled there,
To watch each noble race-horse,
As towards the post they tear.
I dreamt there was no welching,
But all were acting fair;
And I thought there was no filching,
Or card-sharping, I declare;
Well, soon the race it did begin,
The colours they were streaming;
And I thought each jockey tried to win,
Then I knew I must be dreaming.

I dreamt I saw a postman who,
Was hurrying on his rounds;
Of letters he had a host, man,
And so nimbly on he bounds!
I thoght it just struck eight o'clock,
The maid the steps was cleaning;
And I thought he gave a gentle knock;
Then I knew I must be dreaming.
He was so curiously arrayed,
The buttons bright were gleaming,
And someone said he was well paid;
Then I knew I must be dreaming.

I dreamt I saw an area-gate,
And a bobby standing near;
A servant-maid, with mincing gait,
Come forth to fetch some beer;
I saw him kiss her on the sly,
So life-like it was seeming,
But when he refused some rabbit pie,
Then I knew I must be dreaming.
A row commenced close by there, when
'Police!' they loud were screaming,
He came when he was wanted;
Then I knew I must be dreaming.

I dreamt I saw a Music-Hall,
And a waiter on his way,
To serve some gent within the stalls
With something on a tray;
I saw him hand politely
The glass with liquor steaming,
But he went away without his fee,
Then I knew I must be dreaming.
I thought that every comic song
Was full of wit and meaning,
I felt convinced that I was wrong,
And knew I must be dreaming!
Written and composed by A.J. Birtchnell & Fred Albert - 1875
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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