Everyone now here is a pal of mine,
I have no thought for anything but fun;
Congratulate me boys, when once you know my joys,
Today, today I'm twenty-one.
Fortune has smiled her happiest smile on me
I've oof enough for life to set me right;
Then let me ask you all, to throw care to the wall,
And share my luck and merry thoughts, tonight.

Chorus: For I Like You and you like me,
Join me in a spree and let's be gay;
And we'll set the town a-ringing, every jolly chorus singing
With a hippity, hippity hip-hoo-ray!


Every hour tonight shall in mirth be spent,
If you will join me in a rattling spree;
Then toddling round we'll go and let the fogeys know,
That amongst us there's some £.s.d.
If you are oofless, let that make no odds,
I'll share what I've got amongst you all;
I want each one to join and help me spend the coin,
For I'll be banker if you make the call.


Every coin I've brought we'll turn to wine,
And every girl we know we'll fondly toast;
And everysong we sing, some extra fun we'll bring,
And prove that we're a merry host.
Every policeman too shall have a tip,
To change his surly frown into a smile;
We'll sample every wine, our voices shall combine,
And every song be heard for half a mile.


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Thomas Le Brunn & George Le Brunn
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
Performed by Daisy Wood (1877-1961)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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