I'm Fred Fitzfaddle Fitzurse Lollipop
My style's tiptop, some call me fop
And I've my card with a crest at the top
And my motto is 'La de Dah'
I was born and bred, and still live West
There dined and dressed, and all the rest
And tho' I have many times been pressed
I have never passed Temple Bar.

Spoken - Temple Bar is the landmark between the cream of Society and the skim milk of the city.

Chorus: I never go East of Temple Bar
Of Temple Bar, of Temple Bar
I'll stick to St James's and Belgraviar
And never go East of Temple.

I heard in the city folks oft go smash
Tho' they've lots of cash, that they can flash
But they get it by trade and all such trash
And I know what tradesmen are
They are awful bores at the West I know
They plague one so, if a bill you owe
And that is one reason I won't go
To the east of Temple Bar.

Spoken - I've honoured tailors by showing off their clothes for years and then they want me to pay them.


My blood they oft tell me is blue
'Twixt me and you that isn't true
For I know very well it's a crimson hue
I found out in a spar
It wasn't the blow that hurt my pride
With rage I cried, and could have died
To think that the fellow who tanned my hide
Lived East of Temple Bar.

Performed by Harry Rickards (1841-1911)
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