I've a strange sensation dear
Every moment when you're near
From you first I want to run away
Then I want to stay
Each caress and every kiss
Seems to bring me perfect bliss
And the feeling you inspire
Seems to set my heart on fire

Chorus: You've got a wicked little twinkle in your eye
I rather like, I rather like it
It makes me feel so nervous, now, I wonder why
I can't do anything but sigh
You get me guessing by the way you look at me
Why do you do it? I'm crazy through it
All is joy when you are near
I don't care what happens dear
Altho' you've got a wicked twinkle in your eye
I rather like it now

Is that cute glance meant to be
Just a compliment to me?
Do you turn it on for me alone?
Is it all my own?
Seems to me we're much the same
As the moth and candle flame
That's the way I feel with you
Shall I get my wings burnt too?

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