Dugal Cratur Jock McKie knocked his wife up at four o' clock one morn
From the bed-room window she looked down on him with scorn
She cried, 'Please explain yourself before you come in here.'
Jock said, 'Been with Sandy to a social evening, dear.
Started home all right at nine fifteen last night
But as the coffee we got there affected our eyesight,

Chorus: 'I saw Sandy to his front street door
As the clock struck half past nine
I saw Sandy to his front street door
Then he saw me back to mine
Back with Sandy once again I went
Just to see him home all right
And we've been seeing each other safely home
Since half past nine last night.'

Wifie came down stairs, then Jock exclaimed, 'Unbolt the door.'
She cried, 'Are you sober?' he said, 'Sober to be sure.'
'Then you're not my husband if you're sober,' answered she
'He has not been sober now since eighteen seventy three,
You can't come in here, there's some mistake, it's clear.'
Said Jock, 'There's no mistake with me, it's simply like this, dear,


Jock said, 'I'm your husband, and I'll prove it, as you'll see
If he's never sober, you can bet your life he's me
I'm not sober really,' murmured Jock, with stoney stare
She said, 'Well, util you are, you'd better stop out there
Perhaps the falling rain with cool your heated brain.'
Then as a thunderstorm came on, Jock cried, 'Let me explain,

Written and composed by G. Arthurs, Worton David & Alf. J. Lawrence - 1910
Performed by Dugal Cratur
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