I'll own I'm revengeful and brutal
And can't keep control of my brains
I'm a fiend when I'm roused, I'll admit it,
For I've got Spanish blood in my veins
If the missis stops out till midnight
I grind my false teeth and I frown
And to prove that I'm violently angry
Then I say as I put my foot down

Chorus: I shall sulk, I shall sulk
Now I mean to get my own back, so I'll sulk
I've stood for you making blue-bags of my socks, you saucy cat
And I know you've patched my trousers with the remnants of the mat
But if you ever dare to boil another pudding in my hat
I shall sulk, I shall sulk

I never eat meat, I'm so vicious
That's through being weaned upon ham
Our canary has fits when it sees me
'Cause it knows what a terror I am
And I said, when my wife pawned my trousers
And made me a kilt of her skirt
'If you wipe any more boots upon me
Then I tell you, Blanche Maud, for a cert.

Chorus: I shall sulk, I shall sulk
You've not promised me my dinner, so I'll sulk
For years on bread and dripping, I've been fed, you wicked elf
And Yesterday, dry bread itself, I ate from off the shelf
But before I'll go and eat your mouldy dripping by itself
I shall sulk, I shall sulk.

I foam at the mouth when I'm needled
And bite at my nails till they bleed
You can see that I'm awfully hot-blooded
But my wife says it's physic that I need
Monday night she came home, full of cocoa
And 'cos I'd not washed all the clothes
She reproached me quite strong, with the flat-iron
And I said, as I searched for my nose.

Chorus: 'I shall sulk, I shall sulk
I slave just like a Negro, so I'll sulk
I made the beds and answered knocks when servant Jane took fright
But now the bloodhound's hopped it, I can see my job all right
But if you think I'm going to bark and worry tom-cats all night
I shall sulk, I shall sulk.'
Written and composed by Murphy & Lipton
Performed by Jack Pleasants (1874-1924)
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