I do like a nice currant bun
When I get a penny I always buy one
In fact, if there's anything under the sun
I love it's a nice currant bun
I met a young lady one night in the Strand
'Twas just about quarter to ten
I thought, 'Now I'll show her my manners,'
So I took off my caddy and then,

Chorus: I took a big bite at my bun
She said, 'You're a curious one.'
We went in a bar called 'The Duchess Of York'
Then she said to me, after we'd had a talk
'Now what shall we take?' I said 'You take a walk,
And I'll take a bite at my bun.'

When I went across to Paree
A pretty young French girl got mashed upon me
She said, 'Parlez Vous' and I murmured, 'Oui, Oui.'
'Cos I always talk French in Paree
Her husband one evening caught her on my lap
And quite a commotion he made
He cried, 'You must fight me a duel at once.'
So to show him I wasn't afraid,

Chorus: I took a big bite at my bun
He said, 'Choose your weapon, old son.'
Some pistols and swords then he placed within touch
And cried, as he took a big sword in his clutch
'Take what you like,' I said, 'Thanks very much,'
And I took a bite at my bun.

As a jockey I'm known as a flier
My pluck on the course you are sure to admire
I'm known as a flier and also a trier
And some people say I'm - John Burns
When I rode Dean Swift in the Ham and Beef Stakes
I knew I should win it and so
To let all my pals put their money on me
As soon as the starter said, 'Go.'

Chorus: I took a big bite at my bun
They backed me at twenty to one
Then off we all went and in front I soon popped
I rode and I rode till my horse nearly dropped
And I should have won but the bally thing stopped
To take a big bite at my bun.

I'm in the photography line
I don't wish to swank but my photos are fine
I'll take you a shilling's worth for one and nine
'Cos I'm in the photography line
I once went to take a big actress up West
In character it was to be
But when she appeared in the costume of Eve
And held out an apple to me.

Chorus: I took a big bite at my bun
She cried, Hurry up, get it done.'
She said, 'I feel chilly, this costume is thin
How much will you take of me? Then with a grin
I said, 'I'll take the lot.' But my missis popped in
So I took a big bite at my bun.

I once was a dashing Hussar
I used to swank round like a real la-di-da
You've heard about soldiers - you know what they are
Well, I was a dashing Hussar
While fighting the Zulus I did many deeds
That proved me a hero to be
And once while displaying my bravery I saw
Lord Kitchener looking at me.

Chorus: I took a big bite at my bun
And Kitchener shouted, 'Well done.'
he seemed absolutely delighted - no kid
And then with a smile straight towards me he slid
But I ran away - and a good job I did
He was after a bite at my bun.

Performed by H.O. Wills
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