You can always tell when a coon's in love
He's dreaming the whole day long
'Her eyes are just like the stars above'
When he sings a sweet love song
When I courted Mandy Lou
Though I knew she was true
I found like most lovers do
That all love schemes go wrong

Chorus: I used to sigh for the silvery moon
I used to sigh for my coal black coon
I used to spoon in the bright moon-light
And when the moon was out of sight
I used to sing to my Mandy Lou
'Ma heart is sad but my love is true'
I've changed that tune, we were wed in June
We've a new moon now, it's a honey-moon

They say two fond hearts beat as one
If both little hearts are true
And when to the parson we had gone
Our hearts still fonder grew
Sweet-heart days are left behind
Still we find love is blind
Oft the days are brought to mind
When I woo'd Mandy Lou

Written and composed by Lester Barrett & Hermann E. Darewski
Performed by G.H. Elliott (1884-1962)
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