or 'Tootle Tum, Tootle Tum Tay'

Please to look on this warrior bold.
Pray, behold, I've been sold;
And I'm sure when my story I've told,
Badly treated I've been you will say,
By a girl who was called Susan Jane,
Susan Jane, was her name;
But I hope I'll ne'er see her again,
Tootle tum, tootle tum tay.

Chorus: Tho' I vowed that I never would leave her,
She turn'd out a cruel deceiver;
Tootle tum, tootle tum, tootle tum, tootle tum.
Tootle tum, tootle tum tay.

Now I met this girl first in the Park,
In the Park, what a lark;
And I ventured to make a remark,
That it was a very cold day:
She answered me, not at all bold,
That it was, very cold;
Her name and address she then told,
Tootle tum, tootle tum tay.


Susan Jane was a nursery maid,
And good wages was paid;
And at the fine house where she stayed,
I called on her every day;
But one evening she drove me most mad,
Almost mad, 'twas too bad:
For a Bobby beside her she had,
Tootle tum, tootle tum tay.


Now, Bobby, said I, this looks queer,
Very queer, drinking beer;
You can't do your duty down here,
So listen to what I now say:
If I catch you in this house again,
Once again, I'll complain,
To your governor, Sir Richard Mayne,
Tootle tum, tootle tum tay.


Said he, why do you interfere
With me, or my beer;
I've as much right as you to be here,
And I'll leave it to Susan to say:
Then she, false like the rest of her sex,
Oh, the sex, made to vex;
Said, I love Pleeceman 92X.
Tootle tum tootle tum tay.


That she loved me I firmly believed,
But how soon was deceived;
Tho' it's no use me now being grieved,
For I hear they were wed yesterday:
But I hope all the children, the pets,
They have of the male sex:
May be marked with a 92X.
Tootle tum tootle tum tay.

Chorus: For she's broken for ever my peace, man,
She married the dirty policeman:
Tootle tum, tootle tum, tootle, tum, tootle tum,
Tootle tum, tootle tum tay

Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1873
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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