Our Angeline - susceptible young lady
She's anxious to get married soon, you know
She's mashed upon a fellow whose skins's a brilliant yellow
He's palying in 'The Chinese Honeymoon' you know
His almond eyes her heart did memerise
His 'Chow Chow' made her gentle heart rejoice
And when he started grinning, she longed to hear him 'chinning'
And shouted at the tip-top of her voice.

Chorus: ' I want to have a Chinese Honeymoon
When I get wed a little later on
I know no man who's finer, I want a chap from China
Where the willow pattern plates come from.'

Our Angeline, she threw a bouquet at him
She said, 'I've never seen a finer man
He is so JIggy-Jiggy, look at his piggy-piggy
Now, isn't he a real duck of a Chinaman?
Oh marry me Celestial Chinee, we'll lead a happy life, I'm sure
For if you row with me, love, our row will simply be, love
A small storm in a teacup - nothing more.


Our Angeline was cautioned by the people
To shut up, or go, instantaneously
But she was so mashed on him that as she beamed upon him
She quoted real Chinese, extemporaneously
That night, in bed, a dream came in her head
She dreamt he was fickle and unkind
She jumped to terra Firma, and than they heard her murmur
While smashing all the china she could find.


Written and composed by J. P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1904
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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