I’m very fond of what I like
And what I like I like
But when I’m told to eat more fruit
My inside goes on strike
The Roast Beef of old England’s
Good enough for me today
And when my dinnertime comes round
You’re sure to hear me say.

Chorus: I want meat, I want meat
Meat, meat, meat, meat
I like it cold, I like it hot
Like it in a stew or a hotpot pot
Leg of pork. leg of lamb
A juicy steak, a slice of ham
I don’t want fruit from Alabam'
I want meat, meat, meat.

When all the world was flooded out
And Noah built the ark
He didn’t take those animals
Inside just for a lark
He knew the stuff to live on
And he knew it wasn’t fruit
He knew that every mealtime
All the family would “hoot.”


Now who wants a banana when
He’s worked for eight long hours
It’s just like feeding tigers
With a little bunch of flowers
Just fancy training boxers on
An apple, grape, or plum
The first punch in the “larder” would
Send him to “Kingdom Come,”

Performed by Harry Champion (1865-1942)
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