To find her soldier sweetheart, to a camp went Mary Brown
For Private Percy Jervis he was in the Army Service
She peeped in all the tents there, one Sergeant said, ''Hello'
As he smiled with glee, 'Do you want with me?'
The poor girl answered 'No'.

Chorus: 'I want my Percy, have a little bit of mercy, and find him
He's a peach, he's a pet, I'm in love, you can bet
With Private Percy. Have you seen him, will you tell me true?
For soldiers are so larky, and they all look alike in Khaki
So if I can't find my Percy, well, another little boy might do!'

'Can't sleep at night' said Mary, 'since my Percy marched away,
My photo will remind him, of the girl he left behind him'
One saucy corporal kissed her. 'How dare you, sir,' said she
'Oh give over do, I don't know you, your moustache is tickling me.'


'I felt quite proud of Percy, when they marked his card A.1.
He still loves little Mary, though' he's in the military
He used to wear a bowler, and looked a perfect don
But you may be sure I love him more, now that he's got his khaki on.'

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott
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