I'm one of those chaps who want plenty of love
I want to be loved every hour
If I keep away from the girls for a day
I seem to fade just like a flower
I don't crave for jewels or riches, you see
No, all I want is a girl to love me.

Chorus: I want to be somebody's baby
And I don't care whose baby I am
I want her to seize me and tease me and squeeze me
Call me her honey and lend me some money
I want to be somebody's Candy Kid
Her sweet lump of Turkish Delight
Will some girl be chummy, buy baby a dummy
And kiss all my dimples tonight.

Just notice the Pro's, the admirers they get
The girls all run after the Pro's
At every stage door they flock round by the score
But it isn't the man, it's the clothes
There's Gerald Du Maurier, I've heard that he
Has scores of admirers, well, what about me?

Chorus: I want to be somebody's baby
So will someone adopt a nice boy
Will someone pursue me, I'll let her go through me
And call me her 'Ducky' 'way home in Kentucky
I'll let her take me to her wigwam
And hand me out kisses in heaps
Someone to delight me, to kiss and bite me
And can she adopt me for 'keeps'

The girls all go mad on Georgie Lashwood, they do
And call him their 'Sugar Babe Sweet'
Well, Georgie's all right when appearing at night
But he don't look so nice in the street
He's some 'Sugar Babe' and admit that I do
But I'll bet I'm the best 'Sugar Babe' of the two.

Chorus: I want to be somebody's baby
And do 'ride a cock horse ' on her knee
Will someone start cooin' and send me to ruin
And stroll through the clover, and roll me all over?
I want to be somebody's Romeo,
And take moonlight strolls on the heath
Will some ragtime Jinny, take this Picaninny
And buy me a set of gold teeth?
Written and composed by Harry Castling - 1921
Performed by Harry Weldon (1881-1930)
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