Some days ago I received an 'invite'
To go to a ball that was fixed for last night
Drove to the house, met the hostess, and said she
'George, I'm in trouble, my friend you must be
All the young men that I asked, except you
Have sent some excuse - what on earth shall I do?
The girls are all here,' Then I whispered to her,
'Lead me in.' So she did, where the young ladies were.

Chorus: I was the only gentleman there
Ladies, ladies everywhere
Nineteen girls all merry and bright
First time I'd ever had more than my share
I was the tit-bit on that bill of fare
And the girls gave Georgie a jolly good time last night

Soon as I walked in the room I could see
Nineteen pairs of eyes all directed at me
Sighs of relief came from every one
Which seemed to say, 'even one's better than none'
Dancing's a game that I never could learn
But I took each girl down to supper in turn
And as two or three were especially nice
Why, I thought it my duty to take them down twice.


Girls think a party's a dismal affair
Unless there's a nice cosy corner somewhere
I found a good one within easy reach
So gave every girl about five minutes each
Doesn't sound long, still, it must be confessed
You can get through a whole lot of work if you're pressed
I don't want to brag of the value of men
But it shows you how useful they are now and then.

Performed by George Lashwood (1863-1942)
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