If in this world you are of use, to you your pals will stick
The man who's nice and useful, the world will count a brick
I learned this when a boy at school, my sister and her beau
Would treat me kindly if a message they'd wish me to go.

Chorus: I was wanted when on errands I'd go
I was wanted if I had to fetch her beau
But when beneath the trees, they went to have a squeeze
I wasn't wanted then.

As I grew old, of course, like most young men I fell in love
And told the girl her eyes were brighter than the stars above
I'd take her here, I'd take her there, for love you know is blind
While I had got the rhino she to me was sweet and kind.

Chorus: I was wanted while the money was on hand
I was wanted when a dinner I could stand
But when I'd no more cash, and she'd found a richer 'mash'
I wasn't wanted then.

I've always very much admired our boys in red and blue
And feel quite proud when reading of the noble deeds they do
Today, an old man begged a coin, a soldier he had been
He said, 'I've lost an arm in war, but no reward I've seen.

Chorus: 'I was wanted when the foe I had to face
I was wanted in the ranks to take my place
But when the fight was won, and I was old and done
I wasn't wanted then!
Performed by Dennis J. McCarthy
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