I met my Alice, my little Alice,
At the big 'Jazz tea' at the Piccadilly Palace
And I knew I'd met my kindred soul
When she said, 'Hon, come and do the Jelly Roll'
We started Jazzing, we started Jazzing
And when we were out of breath
She murmured, 'Kiddo, say I'm the widow
Of the man who jazzed himself to death.
So Jazz with me through life.'
And on the day that I made her my wife
All down the isle, just like a crocodile
I went a-jazzing, I went a-jazzing
All round the church with a dip and a lurch
I went a-jazzing, I went a-jazzing
The parson he gave a glance
He said, 'He's got St Vitus' Dance'
Then the old fat aunt of Alice's
Said, 'I think he's only got paralysis'
Soon all the choir threw their books on the fire
And started jazzing, they started jazzing
The old organist all the bridesmaids he kissed
And started jazzing, he started jazzing
The parson shouted, 'Do keep still.
Now Alice will you marry Bill?'
She blushed and answered, 'Yes I will
If he keeps jazzing all the time.'

I'm getting thinner, I'm getting thinner
For I've jazzed twelve hours and haven't stopped for dinner
For when we have dinner all she has
Is a slice bread and dripping and a jazz
This jazzing' a awful, Why is it lawful?
Oh, I've jazzed until I'm nearly dead
The morn at seven I dreamed of heaven
Then the missis pushed me out of bed
She said, 'Wake up you dunce,
You've got to jazz to the doctor at once'
All down the street, with no boots on my feet
I went a-jazzing, I went a-jazzing
No coat and hat, like a drowned water rat
I went a-jazzing, I went a-jazzing
I rang the doctor's bell
And I exclaimed the wife's not well
Then he came outside to see me shake
As in my little shirt I did the Shimmy Shake
Soon up the stairs, while I stood saying prayers
He went a-jazzing, he went a-jazzing
Feeling so glad 'cause I'd soon be a dad
I started jazzing, I started jazzing
The doctor came down to the door
And shouted out to me, Oh Lor
I don't know if there's three or four
'Cause they keep jazzing all the time.
Written and composed by R.P. Weston & Bert Lee
Performed by Jack Pleasants (1874-1924)
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