My chum Charlie, gay young Charlie
For a little change he frets
He's seen lovely Turkish girls
Upon a box of cigarettes
Now it's Turkey on the brain
And when I said to him one day
'Where're you going for your holiday,
Margate or Blackpool, eh?'
He answered in a free and easy way,

Chorus: 'I'd like to go to Turkey
That's the place for me
Turkish delight ev'rywhere
What must it be to be there
I'd like to go to Turkey
And lead the best of lives
In Constantinople
With six little Turkish wives!'

Last week Charlie had a birthday
Kept it up for 'Auld Lang Syne'
Entertained his dear old friends
And bought them all cigars and wine
After dining, after wining
Feeling very satisfied
Said good-night to all, then quite merrily
Jumped in a cab outside
The driver said, 'Where to?' and he replied,


Charlie counted his expenses
Half-a-dozen wives on view
Six new frocks and six new blouses
Ev'ry other week or two
What a pleasant occupation
Kissing them all at twilight fall
'But if I should kiss one more than the rest
P'r'aps it would cause a 'squall'
And though 'twould be a job to please them all.'

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