See the twinkle in my eye?
Just come back from France, that's why
Me and Bill went over there to spend our honeymoon
Fust time me, in foreign parts. Did I like it? Bless yer hearts
Can't say more about it than it ended up too soon
But I don't think I've done with good old England, not likely
Bred and born down 'ackney Road - ah - and proud to own it too
You like me make-up? Ain't it great?
The latest thing from Paris straight
Gives a gal a chance to show what she can do.

Chorus: And I'd like to go again
To Paris on the Seine
For Paris is a proper pantomime
An' if they'd only shift the 'ackney Road and plant it over there
I'd like to live in Paris all the time.

At the board school I went to
They taught me to Parley Vous
Donny mo an' silver plate, an' mercy an' wee wee
But in Paris I soon found, when I came to look around
Why even little kids spoke Frence better'n me
We went to a Music 'all, and a lady she was singin'
An' all the men were larfin'. Bill says 'Come on' I says 'Shan't
Wait a bit, I can't make out what they got ter laff abart!'
An' some bloke turns to me an' says 'Well. it's a good job that you can't


Two French girls I heard one day
Having words, and oh, the way
Those young women talk, it seemed a cert they'd have a fight
Bill says 'Somehow, I feel sure, I've heard talk like that before
Course, It must have been up Leicester Square way late at night
Since I've been home, oh, I've had some questions from Mother
All about me honeymoon she seems to want to 'ear
But I ain't one to talk a lot, not much out of me she got
All I said to Mother was, 'Now look here old dear.'

Written and composed by Fred Leigh & Orlando Powell
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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