Jones was a reg'lar 'lady-killer'
And each day he used to meet
Such a neat and pretty little creature
Walking down the street
But her mother, she was always chaperoning her
And Jones could not get near
So one day he crept up behind
And whispered in the lady's ear.

Chorus: 'If I could meet you when your mother isn't with you
If I could meet you just on the sly
I'd tell a story, that prehistoric story
That your father told your mother
In the days gone by.'

He followed them one day to Brighton
And they went to bathe, you know
And mixed bathing there was all the fashion
Jones went in also
The tide came up and they were landed on a little rock
Alone, the same old three
When she screamed, he crept up to her and said
While splashing her with cold, wet sea,


His perseverance was rewarded
He proposed to her by note
'Fly with me, I'll marry you, my dearest.'
This is what he wrote
And one morning at the altar both were standing
But her maa was with them still
And when the parson spoke the words
Jones whipered, as he said, 'I will.'

Written and composed by Paul Pelman & Herbert Rule - 1908
Performed by Marie Wilton
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