He stood in a beautiful Mansion
Surrounded by riches untold
He gazed at a beautiful picture
That hung in a frame of gold
‘Twas a picture of a lady
So beautiful young and fair
To the beautiful life-like features
He murmured in sad despair.

Chorus: "If those lips could only speak
If those eyes could only see
If those beautiful golden tresses
Were there in reality
Could I only take your hand
As I did when you took my name
But it’s only a beautiful picture
In a beautiful golden frame."

With all his great power and riches
He knows he can never replace
One thing in that mansion that’s absent
His Wife’s tender smiling face
And each time he sees her picture
These same words he’ll always say
"All my wealth I would freely forfeit
And toil for you night and day".


He sat there and gazed at the painting
Then slumbered forgetting all pain
And there, in that mansion in fancy
She stood by his side again
Then his lips they softly murmured
The name of his once sweet bride
With his eyes fixed upon the picture
He awoke from his dream and cried,

Sung by Will Godwin
Written and composed by Charles Ridgewell & Will Godwin
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