Through the woods I went one day, met my young man on the way
He said, 'Hello Jane' and then of love he started talking
And when we'd walked about a mile
He murmured, 'Won't you rest awhile?'
But I felt nervous so I said, 'I'd rather keep on walking.'

Chorus: My Mother said, you never should
Walk with a young man through the wood
If you should, do be good, and if you can't be careful

When we reached a five-barred gate, it was getting very late
'You climb over Jane,' he said as by that gate he lingers
'I won't look at your frills and lace
I'll keep my hands before my face.'
'No thank you Joseph dear' said I 'You might peep through your fingers.'


I'm so shy I don't forget, no young man's e'er kissed me yet
Joseph asked me for a kiss, as in the woods we tarried
'Do let me have one, dear,' he said,
I answered as my face went red
'I don't think that I can let you, well not before I'm married

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