One day I saw two lovers in a garden
A little lad and lass with golden hair
They looked as sweet as honey in a beehive
And so I stood and watched the youthful pair
The lad, all blushing, gave the maid a kiss
Then tenderly he whispered this,

Chorus: I'll be you sweetheart, if you will be mine
All my life, I'll be your Valentine
Bluebells I've gathered, keep them and be true
When I'm a man my plan will be to marry you.

The bluebells were accepted by the maiden
She said, “I'll keep them safely all my life
But then suppose you meet some other lady
And I should never be your darling wife?”
He shook his head and took another kiss
Then once again he whispered this,


The years flew by and once again I saw them
They stood before the alter hand in hand
A handsome pair I never shall forget them
The happiest young couple in the land
Then once again he took the loving kiss
Then passionately whispered this,

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Harry Dacre - 1899
Performed by Lil Hawthorne (d. 1926)
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